Athath Gate is very glad to make buying furniture an enjoyable experience.

Athath Gate believes that furniture reflects the level and way of life for each family, so there is a furniture suitable for small families and other for big families, whilst colors and styles of furniture reflects the culture background.

From this point view, Athath Gate has decided to make website grantees for both seller and buyer safe buying and selling characterized with clarity in price and specifications of furniture.


  • 1- Multi-choice and variety are our means to get the best result.
  • 2- Furniture does not accommodate the needs of people but it expresses their tact, culture and way of life.
  • 3- Knowing the importance of furniture in the life strengthens the ability of customers to take the right decision
  • 4- Showrooms and customers aim to get the best in the easiest ways.
  • 5- To strengthen the right conduct in shopping, buying and dealing, based on trust